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?Ze—Leisure,A holiday,Business,Entertainment is a bodyNew private sailing service platform
The service hotline:400-000-4464
The service hotline:400-000-4464

Sanya reflected hualong ze yacht co., LTD

Sanya reflected hualong ze yacht co., LTD. Is a collectionSanya yacht,Sanya yacht club,Sanya yacht rental,Sanya yacht trading,Sanya second-hand yachts,Sanya yacht baby,Sanya a day at the sea,Sanya motor boatsLeisure,A holiday,Business,Entertainment for the integration of the vacation club membership。To provide you with high-end business reception,Enjoy private villa clubhouse service,Five-star hotel reservation,Luxury yacht rental sale services。Services to private yacht entertainment、Close to the sea life of leisure,Suitable for family gatherings、Business negotiation、Birthday party, etc。

Sanya reflected hualong ze yacht co., LTD. Designed for China's successful private sailing services to build a new platform,Exclusive to safety、And honor、Free experience at sea。Each member in the fully enjoy happy sea and top and at the same time will be able to participate in social opportunities,At the same time for you to develop a path to the upper society rapid rise of the road to success。
2016Years?Ze yacht with a hit China shipping strategic cooperation,Experts from the operation of the financial investment and yacht senior management of the team,Promised to make the Chinese yacht industry on another class。